Wade Winner: Shannon Hinkle

Congratulations to Shannon Hinkle of Steel Center Area Vocational Technical School on being chosen as our latest Wade Award winner! Mr. Hinkle was nominated by coworker Sheila Parker for this award, which is bestowed on those professionals who are recognized by their peers for consistently showcasing the qualities of a Wade:

  • Exuding passion for what they do
  • Sharing and inspiring their passion in others
  • Making a positive difference every day

In the nomination, Ms. Parker wrote:

“Mr. Hinkle deserves this award because he is the go-to guy in our building. When a student has a question or needs help, they go to Mr. Hinkle. When a co-worker needs help, he goes to Mr. Hinkle. When administrators need help with something, they, too, go to Mr. Hinkle. On the rare occasion that he isn’t at school, everyone notices because he is involved in everything. He is one of the first people you see when you enter our building, welcoming the students to another great day at Steel Center. He serves on almost every committee that we have. He is always ready to help anyone.

Mr. Hinkle has a lot of responsibilities in our building, but he does each of them with excitement and passion. He particularly loves all of the work he gets to do with the students, both current and past. He is always sharing success stories of our former students. He is passionate about what he does because he knows that everything he does helps students in some way to become the successful adults he brags about.

Mr. Hinkle is also great at explaining why we do the things we do. When someone is frustrated about a practice or activity we do at school, he is the person who can explain why that activity is in place and how it helps students. He has a way of explaining things so that they make sense and people want to participate.

I know that I always go to Mr. Hinkle when I am stuck on a problem, don’t know how to do something, want to know why we do something and to just get a smile when I need to see one. He is one of the very best co-workers I have ever had and his upbeat personality and can-do attitude always re-invigorates me. He’s the real deal.”

We interviewed Mr. Hinkle to learn more about his education philosophy and personal best practices. Here’s what he had to share:

Q: Why did you choose education as your lifework?
A: My father was a Social Studies teacher, Principal, Coach and Athletic Director. I guess you could say that my entire childhood was a job shadow in education and working with kids.

Q: How do you help students make the best choice for their future?
A: I believe I help them make the best choice for their future by exploring all their options. I focus more on interest than aptitude and achievement.

Q: What is the most motivating goal for young people today?
A: Doing what they love and having the resources to enjoy all life’s experiences.

Q: What do you enjoy most about your work?
A: I help people (students and staff everyday) every day. The success of our CTE students is very rewarding. I love when they come back to school to visit and share their stories of success.

Q: Are there any additional personal best practices or advice that you’d like to share with our readers?
A: Be your best every day, these taxpayers and students need and deserve it.


We want to thank Mr. Hinkle for taking the time to share these helpful insights, and congratulate him once again on his award. Please feel free to share your congratulations in the comments as well!

Also, we welcome your nominations for those colleagues in your organization who are true Wades. Visit our nomination page to submit a candidate today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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