About Wade

The WADE Factor: How It All Started

Hear the full story from the man who lived it.

Are You a Wade?

Wade saw his role as something that went far beyond just his official job description. He was passionate about his city and radiated that excitement to everyone he met. Because he loved what he did and valued his interactions with his customers, he made a powerful difference in their experience.

So what does it mean to be a “Wade?” Being a Wade means making every interaction count — conveying a simple, impactful message about your organization.

All Wades:

Are passionate for what they doShare and inspire their passion in othersMake a positive difference every day

April, on the other hand, was the Anti-Wade who didn’t care what impression she made. She was technically proficient at her job, but saw her customer interactions as obstacles rather than opportunities. And it showed. Anyone who interacted with her left feeling sour.

So with these insights in mind, ask yourself — am I a Wade or am I an April? Is your organization made up of Wades or of Aprils? Whatever your answer, we’re here to help you develop that WADE Factor even further in yourself, your organization, and our profession as a whole.

Want more Wade? You can read the full story about Wade in Mark C. Perna’s upcoming book Answering Why: Unleashing Passion, Purpose, and Performance in Younger Generations.

What Drives Us

Our driving goal at BeaWade is to share and support your desire to make a difference. Every organization needs passionate and invested individuals in order to thrive, and we can help you create that dynamic in yourself and your team. To achieve this, we support your efforts in the following ways:

  • Coach your team in developing their WADE Factor in every interaction
  • Inspire members to discover a passion for their profession
  • Provide enrollment and retention strategies to build a stronger organization
  • Connect passionate individuals from all over the country and across organizations to share strategies, support one another, and motivate those who haven’t yet found their passion
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