Wisdom from our 2016 Wade Winners

Fourteen years later, Wade is still inspiring us. If you’re not familiar with Wade’s story, take a moment to hear TFS founder Mark Perna tell his simple but profound story. Wade, a bus driver in Baltimore, performed his job with such passion and warmth that his example has sparked countless professionals to “be a Wade.”

The Wade Award was born of our work with organizations around the country, as we discovered many individuals who have mastered the art of being a Wade. In 2016, TFS was delighted to honor six professionals who embody these key traits:

  • Exuding passion for what they do
  • Sharing and inspiring their passion in others
  • Making a positive difference every day

These individuals, who were nominated by their peers, are influencing their students, coworkers, and community for the better. Today, we want to look back on some of the wisdom and inspiration they’ve shared.

“Helping people improve their lives and know their options feeds my own soul.” — Jennifer Wills

“Believe in what you do and that will carry through to all aspects of your life.” — Debra Warren

“I am a big fan of that corny saying ‘Treat others as you would want them to treat you’ and I also believe a smile can go a long way :).” — Debbie Crossen

“Honesty and integrity to me are everything. If you say you are going to do something then you DO it.” — Jennifer Wills

“Every person has talent; however, not all talents are academic.” — Dave Harms

“I’ve learned over the years and frequently tell my students that we should always work towards accomplishing our goals and that the journey is always more important than the destination. We learn more from the journey. Never give up and always have alternate plans.” — Thom Sarcinelli

“My feeling is that when you can walk onto any job and you can start the day with a positive and energized attitude you can only hope that it can be contagious.” — Debbie Crossen

“If someone would have told me that I could earn a certification and get out into the workforce sooner, things would have been different. I strive to be the person who was lacking in my own life.” — Jennifer Wills

“Learn every day. There are endless opportunities to learn every day.” — Dan Packard

“Find out what your students are good at and build as many of those areas into your activities as you can. Work with your CTE teachers and embed as many lab skills as your content allows into your lessons, even if it is just mentioning them in lectures or introductions. Continue learning and be a positive role model for your students.” — Dave Harms

“As much as I might enjoy conversing and interacting with people, I always try to be a good listener. Everyone has their own thoughts, opinions, ideas and experiences and I believe they should be shared and respected.” — Debbie Crossen

“Believe in yourself and the message you are bringing to the community about career and technical education. You are part of a massive change that is much needed. You are part of our hope for the future.” — Jennifer Wills

Are there Wades in your organization who are passionate about making a positive difference every day? We want to hear about them. Visit our awards page to nominate the Wades you know today!

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